Hesitation is death

Analysis paralysis kills.

In 2014 I was researching how to begin a dropshipping business for health supplements/protein and how to run an e-commerce website. After lots of research and thinking, I ended up not doing anything.

That year I also started a blog and a youtube channel. I made 5 posts on the blog and made 3 youtube videos before failing to follow through. I commissioned some friends to make music for my youtube channel and a logo for my website but never followed up. Eventually I let the site expire and my measly youtube channel is still there slowly collecting views.

Last summer I wanted to get into cryptocurrency. If I’d bought bitcoin back then my investment would have multiplied almost 5 times over.

Since 2015 I’ve started 2-4 other blogs and youtube channels except the last few I didn’t do anything after setting up the domain. I thought the domain name sucked or couldn’t figure out subject and content to focus on and kept looking for something I thought would be perfection.

Perfection never came, my creative energy sank like a rock, the inspiration fizzled out, and time after time I let my project or idea die a quiet death.

Who knows where my dropshipping business or e-commerce store would have been by now in 2017 if I had followed through? Who knows how big my youtube channel would have gotten? Who knows how many articles my blog would have? Regardless of whether those projects were successful, think of all the experience and knowledge I would have gained.


On several occasions I’ve spent so much time thinking, researching, planning, deliberating, and waiting for the “best time” that I would either stagnate or fail to begin in the first place. There is no “best time”. The best time to do something is yesterday. The second best time is NOW. I get caught up so much in analysis paralysis and uncertainty that I never even get started.

When it comes to starting anything new, whether it’s a personal or business goal, simply begin. You can worry about honing your craft when you actually have a craft to hone. So many people THINK about doing things but then never actually DO them so even if you put out something horrible you’re already ahead of 90% of the other people who even thought about doing the same thing.

Don’t let hesitation kill your plans. Don’t let analysis paralysis keep you stagnant. After you take aim you have to pull the trigger if you want to hit your target.