Be a producer, not just a consumer

To produce and create is the only way to become the best versions of ourselves. It doesn’t necessarily matter what you create as long as it has value and positive benefit to others. When you can figure out how to do that, and offer it to people, you will move closer towards your highest self.

The will to power describes what Nietzsche may have believed to be the main driving force in humans – achievement, ambition, and the striving to reach the highest possible position in life.

As a sales professional I get paid a salary with a commission. My on-target earnings for the year (OTE) are a combination of a fixed salary, and the commission I earn bringing new business to the company. If I don’t produce I don’t reach my target. Simple as that.

Think about the wealthiest, most famous, most well known individuals, companies, and institutions on the planet. They’re all producers of something of value. Whether it’s oil, capital for starting businesses and buying homes, electricity, cars, music, computers, or even people who produce hope. Until you start producing things of value, you have little value to others. Employees who produce more value for the company than what they consume typically are treated well and have options. Amazing sales people aren’t worried about getting fired because they’re bringing massive value to the company. And even if they are fired they know that because their skills produce so much value, that they can easily get an equivalent or even better job in no time.

Right now we live in a consumer society. Society feeds us everything and we consume it. They feed us fear, lies, insecurity, division, processed food, pollution, and disinformation to keep us vibrating at a lower frequency. This is because society wants a complacent populace without the power or awareness to live lives of freedom.

They feed us food that makes us fat, drugs and alcohol that makes us dumb, medicine that makes us sick, news that tells us lies, politicians that divide us, entertainment that distracts us, and credit cards that keep us broke.

They sell people college degrees but they can’t even get jobs. If you have a Master’s degree but you’re broke and unemployed, then what exactly are you a “master” of?

The only way to live free in a mentally sick and culturally bankrupt consumer society is to reject the poison society is feeding you and produce things yourselves. Shut off the TV and make some youtube videos. Stop watching people play sports on TV and join a weekend league. Stop reading CNN articles and write your own.

If you’re stuck in a corporate job and you don’t like it, then figure out a way to make money on your own. Life is way too short to spend it doing things you hate. If your commute and your boss and the office politics are slowly killing your mental health and personal development then break the cycle. Find some hobbies to do during nights or weekends that tap into your creative energy and break you out of the monotony.

Figure out a way to provide goods, value, or services to others and you’ll always be able to provide yourself.

To produce is to create and perhaps the most important thing any of us create is our own personal reality. People who are producers create their own lifestyles. People who only consume what is given to them are at the mercy and whims of external forces. Since our external condition is decided by our internal condition (and vice versa) it’s up to each of us to shape our personal reality.

Think about what you want. Speak it into existence. Act on your words. Experience your reality.