Find Your Power. Achieve Your Goals

I don’t believe in God (the Abrahamic one) but I do believe in energy. I believe in spiritual energy and spiritual power. When I truly reflect on what goes on in my life and my observations about the universe I can’t help but believe there are fundamental divine principles in the universe.

Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds to grace the earth said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

The external reality I experience is only a reflection of my internal condition.

I truly believe that when we tap into our personal purpose that we become more powerful. The power we draw on comes from what I like to call Nature.

Some may call it God. Others call it the Source. Some call it the Universe. The Dao de Jing states that “The Dao that can be told is not the true Dao”. As  pimps say “The game is to be sold, not to be told”.

I implore anyone who contemplates the meaning of life, the universe, and everything to read the Dao de Jing but that’s a subject for another post. The concept of the Dao can be replaced with many things. God, the Universe, the Way, the Balance, Reality, the Source, Existence, Nirvana, Peace, etc. There’s so many possible names for it but it all comes back to the same thing. I personally like to replace the word “Nature” when I’m reading the Dao de Jing and will do so from here on out.

The Nature that can be told is not the true Nature because the true Nature is infinite. It cannot be explained, it cannot be witnessed, it cannot be understood, and it cannot be fathomed. To attempt to explain the true Nature would be to attempt to place limits on something that is limitless. We can only catch a glimpse of its awe . We will never understand it in totality. This is what Christians are explaining when they say that God can never be fully understood. This is what they mean when they say God works in mysterious ways.

Tying back in to our own personal development, I believe that the power of the Source is within each and every one of us. When the Source is strong within us we are the strongest within the Source. When we are aligned with our true purpose our true purpose is most aligned within ourselves. We attract certain things to us like magnets and we repel certain things as well. When you’re attracting your purpose everything intended for you will fall into line. The opposite (vice versa) is also true. The further you stray from your path, the farther your purpose and what you truly aim to attract will get from you.

This isn’t just hippie bullshit. This is reality. What I’m speaking on are divine principles that manifest in reality. When I say “May the Source be with You” I’m saying you have to align with your Nature. You have to ALIGN YOURSELF with what it is you want to achieve.

When you’re fully aligned with what it is you want to achieve, your thoughts, words, and actions are all working in unison to reach your goals.


Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions becomes reality. Each of us is a magician and the creator of our own reality.