Marketing Sucks. Tales of an SDR: Vol 1

I joined this job in September 2016. I was the first SDR hired at the company along with another SDR. We both got hired the same day. Our boss was hired a few months prior to build the inside sales/SDR team. When he got hired he was given a headcount and he requested certain things so he could build the team. He requested fundamental collateral that is typically provided by marketing to sales such as messaging, taglines, battlecards, call scripts, value props, e-mail templates, competitive intelligence, testimonials, vertical based messaging, cost benefits of our product, collateral to send to customers about our product, and other basics that a marketing department is expected to provide.

Months went by and we hadn’t received anything. My boss sent the same e-mail every week to the marketing department and the CEO on what we needed and how difficult it was for us to as new SDRs with zero industry experience to sell a complex software solution to large enterprise companies without this material. As time went on we drafted our own e-mails and came up with our own pitches and call scripts. 6 months went by and still nothing. Prospects would ask for certain collateral on some of the features of our products to look over or share internally and we couldn’t provide it because it didn’t exist. What. The. Fuck.

It didn’t stop there. The leads we were getting from trade shows weren’t marketing qualified leads (MQLs). There was no filtering process in place to filter out junk leads from people actually interested in our product. After a trade show we would call hundreds of people a week and get nothing. Bogus numbers, fake information, and lots of people who not only weren’t interested, didn’t even know who the fuck we were or what our company did. Yet marketing touted this as “leads”. Eventually my boss came up with a system to filter the leads and things got better but why the fuck was sales doing marketing’s job? WTF were they doing if they weren’t getting us MQLs, weren’t providing us with email templates, hadn’t given us any testimonials to use, and hadn’t provided us A SINGLE SHRED OF COLLATERAL?

I’ve been here 9 months and have received NOTHING from the marketing department but disappointment and high blood pressure. Unfuckingacceptable.