C Level Incompetence. Tales of an SDR: Vol 2

I lost complete and utter faith in my CEO and upper management this week.

I work in inside sales and our marketing department sucks and has sucked for almost a year. They have provided us with NOTHING. Not exaggerating, NOTHING even though my boss has been asking for a year. They hired him to build out a 10 man inside sales team and have provided us with no support, no marketing collateral, shitty leads, and haven’t even given us the cubicles we requested so we could make calls and do customer presentations in a closed environment. I wouldn’t even be mad about the leads if they didn’t claim the leads were good and blame us for not closing them. I would just focus on outbound and say fuck it. But they claimed the leads were quality to cover their own asses for not doing their jobs properly and blame sales. Funny thing is when we have inbound calls and inbound inquiries that come directly through the phone or the company website we schedule a demo every single time. But somehow we don’t know what we’re doing?

This week was the last straw they got mad at us for a single e-mail we sent saying it wasn’t right when we’ve been asking for email templates for almost a year and had to come up with our own. Which our emails actually have very decent open rates we just need to work on the content inside the emails to increase responses.

CEO has made promise after promise that he will make sure marketing gets us what we need and that he wants us to be successful but has not followed through on a single one. Then he absolutely lambasts our team over our approach to the leads and he didn’t even know what he was talking about. My boss who has built out several successful sales organizations at billion dollar companies and has sold hundreds of millions of the same kind of software tried to explain to him but they never listen to him (and haven’t for almost a year).

Not even sure why they hired him to build the team if they wouldn’t support him or listen to him or let him run it. I knew our marketing department sucked but this week revealed how incompetent and ignorant they are of how our department is supposed to operate. I completely lost faith in the CEO and some of the upper level management this week and now I fully understand that the problems we’ve been having since I joined will never get fixed because upper management refuses to fix them.

Sent out a buncha resume’s and applications the last couple weeks and already have 2 phone interviews scheduled for similar positions and a possible Account Executive position that could pan out.

It’s a shame because we have a great product and are probably the number 2 company in our specific niche and could become an industry leader but I doubt the company will ever reach its full potential with the way its being managed. I refuse to work in a company that undermines my success and refuses to enable me to do my job. I’m fucking done.

Can’t wait to accept a new offer and turn in my 2 weeks notice though I do feel bad for my boss who hired me and the other staff who actually knew what they were doing but this is the last straw. I can’t in good conscience work in this environment knowing how unreliable and ignorant they are. I’m not going to stick around like a battered wife who thinks one day things will change.