Hesitation is death

Analysis paralysis kills. In 2014 I was researching how to begin a dropshipping business for health supplements/protein and how to run an e-commerce website. After lots of research and thinking, I ended up not doing anything. That year I also started a blog and a youtube channel. I made 5 posts on the blog and […]

Poverty is a mindset

Ben Carson took a lot of heat for his recent statement that “poverty is a mindset” from many people. In many ways he’s right. He’s talking about ambition, discipline, and accountability and a lot of losers don’t want to hear that. The only people who are angry about that comment are people who are reminded […]

Find Your Power. Achieve Your Goals

I don’t believe in God (the Abrahamic one) but I do believe in energy. I believe in spiritual energy and spiritual power. When I truly reflect on what goes on in my life and my observations about the universe I can’t help but believe there are fundamental divine principles in the universe. Nikola Tesla, one […]

I Don’t Want Equality

Yes that’s right. I don’t want equality. I want superiority. Equality is for average people and average to me is synonymous with mediocre. As the cliche goes “Who the fuck wants to be average?” And this is my personal problem with the modern liberal notion of “equality”. Equality is a step up for losers, but a […]